Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 Got Dark in Their Midseason Finales

Meanwhile, Schmitt (Jake Borelli) discovered a lady looking confused and very curious about all the activity surrounding the man who had those girls in his house on Station 19, and of course we recognized her as the woman who brought in the sick girl last season who turned out to be a trafficking victim. 

She and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), who essentially had a mental breakdown because of this woman last season, nearly crossed paths a couple of heart-racing times until he finally spotted her across the parking lot at the end of the episode. Carina (Stefania Spampinato) refused to let him go alone, so the DeLuca siblings took off after the woman together. 

And still, Grey Sloan had to go into overdrive and turn a cafeteria into a COVID ward and the pandemic plus the kidnapping of two Black girls sent Maggie (Kelly McCreary) into meltdown mode.

It was, all in all, an incredibly stressful night of television and did not leave us with much optimism to tide us over until both shows return in 2021, though maybe by March the world will be a little brighter and so will TV. 

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