The Most Iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians Christmas Moments Ever

Kendall Takes on Krismas

That same year, the entire family was in disagreement over the guestlist for the annual Christmas Eve party. For example, Kourtney really didn’t want her ex Scott Disick to attend.

“You have to invite Scott,” Kris told Kourtney. “You can’t just have him come to a party for 10 years as part of our family, he’s still part of our family.”

This struck a chord with Kendall, who wanted Caitlyn Jenner to be invited. When she asked, “what about my dad?” Kim quickly responded: “Scott has never done anything mean or said anything negative. So that’s different.”

That didn’t go over well with Kendall. “Is that actually a joke?” she shot back. “They’ve both done f–ked up things in different ways.”

Kris began to insist that nobody “would even know how to respond” to Caitlyn attending, but Kendall cut her off: “So the f–k what? Why are we worried about anyone else?”

“The same way that you feel bad for Scott not being invited,” she added, “you don’t feel bad for my dad not being invited.”

Kris once again tried to argue with Kendall, saying that it’s “because I have a relationship with Scott.” But, Kendall wasn’t having it, replying, “Oh, you didn’t have a relationship with my dad for 25 years?”

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