Tom Felton Shares Behind-the-Scenes Harry Potter Secrets While Watching Film for the First Time

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According to Tom, the four moving staircases were all physically on the set and set in motion, as opposed to being generated by special effects. 

He recalled that the audition scene for Harry was the early moment with a dragon. Director Chris Columbus substituted an egg for the dragon, so the actors had to use their imaginations while reciting their lines. 

Making the film was actually a bit of a family affair for young Tom. One day during filming, his father visited the set but was reprimanded for taking photos.

Tom also mentioned that his grandfather appears in the movie and can be seen in the stands of the Quidditch match, seated next to Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall). Tom explained that although his grandpa had no experience or interest in acting, the director spotted him and his huge beard and offered him the part of a teacher, which Tom’s relative happily accepted. 

When Tom was asked to name the hardest scene to shoot in the first film, he replied that “hard” isn’t a word he would associate with making the movie, as the entire process was great fun. 

The same could be said for watching him reminisce. 

If you’re now ready to get caught up with the films yourself, all eight Harry Potter flicks are streaming on Peacock

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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