Watch Kim Kardashian Roast James Charles for His Latest “TikTok Scam”

No one should ever expect to pull a fast one on Kim Kardashian.

Beauty influencer James Charles posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 3 of himself using FaceTime to call a number of his well-known acquaintances for the “I’m Busy” challenge that has been going viral on TikTok lately. Kim was among those he contacted, but she was the only one to shoot him down before he could even ask if he could call her back, per the challenge. 

“What TikTok scam are you doing right now?” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star abruptly wanted to know. 

“No!” James replied, realizing he’d been caught red-handed. “You’re so annoying!”

Among the other stars to get a FaceTime call was Kris Jenner. James asked her, “Hey, mama, I’m actually busy right now, can I call you back a little later?”

First, a confused Kris asked him to repeat himself, and then she said incredulously, “You’re busy?” Frankly, we’re surprised he could even get away with calling her “mama.” 

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