You’ll Want to Hear Jessie James Decker’s Secret for Dealing With “the Quarantine 10”

And until that happens, she and her husband, retired from professional sports following eight seasons of play with the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans, have a game plan to make it through. 

“People have asked us, ‘How is the quarantine on your marriage?'” she shared. And now that the kids are back in school, the answer is….not all that much different. “He retired from football about a year before this whole pandemic,” she explained.  “So it wasn’t, like, a shocker. He didn’t have work to go to anymore and he was at home. And I work from home a lot, too. So we were just kind of adjusted to that.”

Plus, nearly a decade after Jessie’s pal texted her that she may have found her perfect guy in the 6-foot-3 athlete, they still really like each other. “We just love each other—it’s just as simple as that,” she said. “We have our days, too, where maybe we just get a little overwhelmed. But I think we started off our marriage and our relationship with, we just liked each other so much. And I think we got that right.”

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