10 Gifts for Your Wife That Happen to Be On Sale for Black Friday

Crazy idea. Hear us out. You could start on your holiday shopping right now. This very instant. Before December even arrives. Yes, sure, Black Friday/Cyber Monday tends to be a self-indulgent frenzy. It’s the day where you buy yourself the sweatpants you’ll live in until April. The Apple Watch you’ll use to pretend you’re on top of your shit in 2021. The leather boots that you’ve had your eye on for months. But it can be a day when you think about others and the gifts they just might happen to like opening this year. Your wife, for instance. She’s put up with your constant presence since March. She deserves something nice. And because you’ve put up with her constant presence since March, you deserve to get that gift for her at significantly less than full price. Seize the moment. Pick something incredibly thoughtful—the kind of thing she would buy for herself—from one of these great brands running even better Black Friday sales. And then, yes, pick out your sweatpants.

Mayberry Slippers

EMU Australia


$60.00 (30% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who knows that comfy footwear and stylish footwear are not mutually exclusive. These’ll feel like walking on bunnies, and we mean that in the least horrifying way possible. 

Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Home


$99.00 (20% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who didn’t get her hotel getaway this year. Parachute’s plushy robes conjure up spa vibes.

Cast Iron Round Cocotte



$429.99 ($330 off for Black Friday)

For the wife who’s been reading Dutch oven recipes before bed every night. Staub’s design is timeless, and you can choose one of 11 colors of ceramic finish. 

CATCH:3 Wireless Charging Tray



$175.00 (30% off with Black Friday, plus free monogram) 

For the wife who’ll appreciate a gadget that’ll class up a room, not drown it in more cords. Courant encases its excellent wireless chargers in leather, and the monogram is a nice touch.

Luxe Core Sheet Set



$159.00 (20% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who, while sleeping on subpar bedding, dreamed of owning Brooklinen sheets. Much like we’ve all dreamed of owning Brooklinen sheets.

Foodi 9-in-1 Deluxe Pressure Cooker



$219.99 (19% off)

$269.99 (37% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who isn’t looking forward to cooking every night this winter any more than you are. It’ll cut down on your takeout bills, too.

Apple AirPods Pro



$259.00 (20% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who’d like to drown the sound of your Zoom calls out.

Theragun Pro Percussive Massager



$299.00 ($75 off for Black Friday)

For the wife who’s always asking you for a shoulder massage. You’ll find yourself stealing this massage gun anytime your own shoulder twinges, too.

Engravable 14K Gold Bar Necklace



$280.00 (10% off for Black Friday)

For the wife with an eye for elegant gold jewelry. Add an engraving to make it uniquely hers—and so she can lord your thoughtfulness over all her friends.

V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum



$349.00 (15% off for Black Friday)

For the wife who knows a Dyson vacuum is a gift more romantic than all the roses in the world.

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