The 16 Best Waterproof (or Water-Resistant) Bluetooth Speakers of 2021

best waterproof bluetooth speakers


Speakers take a beating. We lug them across backyards and cross country. We stuff them into the bottom of beach bags, where they mingle with sand, sunscreen, and beer can condensation. And then there’s the water—we clog them with steam in the shower, put them too close to the lapping waves at the lake, and recklessly set them down near kids with water guns. In better years, we used them to blast summer hits across a party full of tipsy people carrying Aperol spritzes who all wanted a turn playing DJ. In the past year, we used them in every room to drown out the sound of our own mangled thoughts. So owning a waterproof—or at the very least, water-resistant—wireless speaker that can hold its own against the onslaught makes a whole lot of sense.

Hold tight for some rather dry, owner’s-manual speak to help make sense of what’s waterproof, what’s water-resistant, and what would melt under a splash from the faucet, wicked witch-style. Most Bluetooth speakers come with a rating system formatted like “IPXX” to indicate just how strong that speaker is against the elements. It’s simple enough to translate. The first X will be a number between zero and six that rates the speaker’s ability to protect against solids, like dust and dirt. The closer to six, the better. The second X will be a number between zero and eight that rates the speaker’s ability to protect against liquids, like, you guessed it, water. The closer to eight, the better.

Take the rating IP67: To you, that means the speaker has the best protection against dust (six) and the near-best protection against water (seven). If you come across a rating that held onto one of its X’s, it means its manufacturer didn’t have it tested and rated in that category; you’ll just have to trust what the manufacturer says. For instance, the rating IPX4 means the speaker has no dust protection rating and is water-resistant—a.k.a. you can’t dunk it in the pool.

All but four of the speakers on this list have a waterproof rating of seven or higher, which means you can submerge them in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. And since a lot of waterproof speakers are built to float, it likely won’t come to a half-hour dunking. The rest might not do you proud poolside, but they’re equipped with enough water protection for most everyday use.

As for the audio quality, these speakers will all give you more decibels than the speaker on your smartphone, and most will sound better by a longshot. But it’s safe to say that the more you’re willing to pay for a speaker, the more impressive the audio. You know how it goes.

Now, onto the speakers themselves. These are the best waterproof (or water-resistant) Bluetooth speakers to pair and play through 2021—whether you’re looking for pristine audio, killer bass, or something that’s cheap and durable. Go forth and share the music.

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Best Speaker for the Shower

GO 2



You don’t need a $300 sound system with a subwoofer for your morning shower. Or, if you do, you’re showering differently than the rest of us. But this little three-inch speaker from JBL will fill your bathroom with sound without hogging counter or shelf space. It shows up a smartphone because you can change songs without drenching your more expensive tech. Its speaker-phone capability means you can field calls in the shower—but don’t. And it’s safe to completely submerge, should it fall into the bath.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 5 hours

Most Impressive Battery Life

Soundcore 2



Anker gives you a lot for not a lot of money. The speaker itself is waterproof, so you can cart it anywhere messy. It has an outstanding battery life of up to 24 hours, which makes sense, considering Anker is best known for its charging devices. But what really makes it stand out is its BassUp technology. Unlike a lot of budget Bluetooth speakers, Anker doesn’t cheap out on the low end, producing rich, thumping bass.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 24 hours

Best Sound Quality Under $75

SRS-XB12 Extra Bass



Sony’s SRS-XB12 is small but mighty. Fully waterproof and dust-tight, it fits into the palm of your hand or into a car’s cupholder. Throw its detachable strap on, and it becomes a convenient wristlet or keychain. And with punched-up bass, you’ll hardly believe a thing so tiny could be producing such rich, deep audio.

IP rating: IP67
Battery life: up to 16 hours

Best Pill-Shaped Budget Speaker




Tribit’s StormBox covers all the bases for this level of speaker. Its design mimics that of the exceptional UE speakers (more on them in a moment) but at half the price. Its IPX7 rating means it’s fully waterproof. It produces nice (but not amazing) sound. And its battery life isn’t lousy at all. All around, it’s a solid option for affordability.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 20 hours

Most Portable Speaker




The CLIP 3 (rated IPX7) is like JBL’s GO 2, only with better, louder playback and a slightly larger design. And, as you can see, a carabiner, which makes a world of difference. You’ll be tempted to hook it onto anything you can—a shower rod, a golf cart, a backpack, a tent strap, your dog’s collar—and you absolutely should. It’s a workhorse of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 10 hours

Best Party Speaker Under $100

Portable Waterproof Speaker



$48.99 (39% off)

The AOMAIS speaker is loud. Like, really loud. It can easily fill a riotous party with decent quality sound, whether you’re inside or out. And while it’s perhaps not the most stylish option on this list, that protective rubber shell and tough-looking design make it virtually indestructible—an important quality when drunk people are congregating. It allows for full water submersion, too. You won’t go broke buying it, and you’ll have it for a long, long time. 

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 40 hours

Best Boat Speaker With Internal Storage

The Barnacle+



This tiny speaker was built to be waterborne, whether via yacht or surfboard or dinky rowboat. It’s able to float on the surface, but should it go overboard, an IP68 rating means it can stay submerged for a good length of time. On board, a suction cup grip will firmly anchor it, and if Bluetooth is acting funky or you don’t want to risk bringing your smartphone out into the waves, it stores a thousand songs internally that it’ll shuffle through, no wireless connection required. (Yeah, you can skip the duds.)

IP rating: IP68
Battery life: up to 8 hours

Best Sound Quality Under $100

SoundLink Micro



Bose is one of the best consumer-level speaker brands in terms of sound quality. Unfortunately, you have to pay for that audio expertise. Case in point: the SoundLike Micro, which is built to be carted around but at a price point that’ll make you consider taking out insurance on it. The audio it produces is phenomenal, considering the diminutive size of the thing. The trade-off is its pitiful battery life and, we’ll say it again, the cost.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 6 hours

Best Features on a Speaker

No Bounds Sport

House of Marley


$106.34 (11% off)

There are two main reasons to choose this speaker. One, the audio engineering is precise and powerful, enough to faithfully put the Marley name (yes, related to that Marley family) on it. Two, House of Marley makes its speakers from responsibly and sustainably sourced materials that also happen to look pretty damn stylish, including a cork base that allows this speaker to float and also unscrews to reveal a hidden chamber for cords. Add to that a volume dial instead of buttons, as well as a carabiner hook… okay, fine, so there are more than two reasons to choose this speaker. Take your pick.

IP rating: IP67
Battery life: up to 12 hours

All-Around Best Speaker

Boom 3

Ultimate Ears


$129.82 (13% off)

When in doubt, go with Ultimate Ears. UE makes an excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the Boom 3. With 360-degree sound built on a deep bass foundation, it will impress anyone with a keen ear for audio. It is rated IP67 for dust and water protection, but you’d hardly know it from its nice-looking fabric cover. Though the one-touch button makes selecting music simple, it comes with an app, too. The Boom 3 is an indisputable winner, hitting the sweet spot of really good design and fair pricing.

IP rating: IP67
Battery life: up to 15 hours

Best Party Speaker

Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears


$163.95 (18% off)

Take an already great speaker and make it more everything—more mega, if you will—and you get this model. With the Megaboom 3, UE went for louder and longer-lasting, as well as sturdier, which all explains the price jump. Use it for more rambunctious music-listening than you might the Boom 3, which doesn’t skimp on the bass but can’t level with what the Megaboom brings. 

IP rating: IP67
Battery life: up to 20 hours

Most Stylish Speaker

Kilburn II



$249.99 (17% off)

Marshall makes speakers that look so damn cool. The Kilburn II is one of them—and even though it has an IPX2 rating, meaning it is resistant to only a few splashes of water, it’s worth considering for the style alone. It is a powerful box, with nobs to control volume, bass, and treble for pristine audio control. You won’t find that on most Bluetooth speakers. It’s about the size of a lunch box, and that strap makes for easy carrying; but go for the Stockwell II model for something smaller and cheaper.

IP rating: IPX2
Battery life: 20+ hours

Best Home Speaker

SoundLink Revolve+



Another incredible but pricey Bose speaker. With the SoundLink Revolve+, you’ll get all-encompassing sound, voice prompts, and the Bose Connect app. The speaker can also go into Stereo or Party mode. However, with an IPX4 rating, it’s only water-resistant. Use it on every surface in your place without worry (the kitchen counter or bar cart, for example), but be careful around bodies of water.

IP rating: IPX4
Battery life: up to 16 hours

Best Adventure Speaker

DemerBox DB2



The DemerBox DB2 is rugged. Drop the thing off a cliff, and it’ll probably still work. The Bluetooth range is great (up to 100 feet) and the battery life is superb. It isn’t rated, but the company says it is “100-percent waterproof,” and it even opens up like a toolbox to give you internal storage that stays dry. There’s also an internal USB charger to keep your phone charged. This is a Bluetooth speaker built for adventure. It wears its bangs and brush-ups well.

IP rating: NA
Battery life: 40+ hours 

Best Indoor/Outdoor Speaker




Sonos’ Move speaker is big and beautifully designed. Everything about it is done correctly: the smart assistant integration, the audio depth, the controls. And though you can’t see it here, it has a handle carved into the back so you can grab and, see what they did here, move. Use it inside, in every room. Use it outside, wherever you wander. It’s sturdily built and has a dust-and-waterproof rating of IP56, so splashes of water and clods of dirt won’t do harm.

IP rating: IP56
Battery life: up to 10 hours

Loudest Speaker




JBL made a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is as loud and bulky as an old-school boombox. Hence its name: Boombox. The sound coming out of this speaker is immense, with enough bass to make the pool water ripple. Its ability to connect to two devices is ideal for parties, tailgates, and anywhere else people are fighting over the playlist. And it has IPX7 waterproofing. If you need loud, lasting power, the Boombox is your best option.

IP rating: IPX7
Battery life: up to 24 hours

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