The PAX 3 Vape Gives You a First-Class Ticket to the Elusive State of Relaxation

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Just because it’s cliche, doesn’t make it untrue: We’ve never needed weed more than right now. It’s not only that. We’ve never asked for more from our weed, either, whether our high pursuit is the catalyst for a weekday wind-down, a warm blanket for defrosting what chronically ails us, or the vehicle of choice on the road to a laugh. And so, with so much currently out of our control, when given the opportunity to put our hands back on the steering wheel, we sure as hell ought to take it.

Like eating that “cheat” meal because the world is certainly doing its part to cheat you, or making that purchase of an item that’s taken up permanent residence in the cart, treating yourself to a stylish high is a good start. You already know strain choice has a lot to do with catching the intended vibe. What you’re smoking from matters, too. Holding a tightly rolled joint in your hand, listening to the crackling of burning paper and flower, is about as romantic as it gets. Packing a glass piece seems juvenile, but who among us wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to turn back time? But for the person who’s made this timeless activity as much a part of their life as the coffee maker with a comma on the price tag, the vessel of choice is the PAX 3, which just released in four new colors.

pax 3
The PAX 3 has one of the most streamlined designs for vapes in 2020. Its colorways aren’t too shabby, either.

Allie Holloway

You won’t want to hide it in a drawer.

Everyone’s got that friend. You walk into their apartment on a Saturday afternoon, and their coffee table looks like it was plucked from the secret back room in a Guy Ritchie film. Papers, grinders, loose leaves, and paraphernalia fill its surface. If, say, the landlord or supremely un-chill upstairs neighbor were to come knocking, a mad scramble would ensue. Some of that loose leaf would be lost to the rug. The mood of the ritual would be killed. The PAX 3 owner doesn’t have that worry. They can fill this vape with the flower or concentrate of their choice. Getting set up is a relatively mess-free process. And the device’s design is sleek, futuristic, and worthy of display. It’s not drugs, sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s a docked space pod, cleared for departure to somewhere else.

Shop $250,

pax 3
The PAX 3 comes with a maintenance kit, a concentrate insert, a couple different mouthpieces, and other accessories you’ll want to put to use.

Allie Holloway

It’s all yours to control.

Did I mention the future already? Okay, good. Because in this future, you can get more information on the strain you’re smoking from your vape. You can control its exact temperature, and along with it, the taste and amount of smoke you’re exhaling. You can also control your dosage, dialing it down for a wake and bake, then dialing it up when it’s quittin’ time. And you can do this all with the PAX 3 on PAX’s Android or web app (Apple removed the app from its store). Connected via Bluetooth, all of your preferences are automatically stored and synced to the vape. The rest is just you in your zone.

pax 3
As far as specs go, you’ll get at least eight sessions on one charge, and your product will heat in about 20 seconds.

Allie Holloway

If you’re not already on board with vapes, now’s the time.

You may have misgivings about getting into the vape game. The word vape itself is cringe-inducing, and all the news about teens and Juuls certainly didn’t help. But as far as the green stuff goes, I don’t know what I’d have done without it the past half year. We live in an age when we’re able to convince even our parents to unwind with a little of the devil’s lettuce. If you can’t sleep, can’t turn your brain off, can’t bring yourself to watch that awful flick atop Netflix’s weekly Top Ten, there is a solution in the form of a strain. Do your research, tailor the PAX 3 settings to your needs and your life, sit back, relax, and inhale. Your problems will still be there tomorrow. But for me, the hours between 8 and 11 p.m. are reserved for partaking.

Shop $250,

Photography and prop styling by Allie Holloway

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