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62 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0      

The aforementioned Bruno too fleet of foot for Westwood, who trips him. 

Burnley have been forced back, and are digging in. They look tired.


58 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0     

Fernandes at the heart of everything right now. Has another pop at goal. But that’s easy enough again for the keeper.


55 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0    

Fernandes popping up everywhere, cutting in from the flank and firing straight at the keeper.

United, still, have gone up a level at the start of the half. Sky graphic: United starting XI cost 460 million. Burnley: 43.


53 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0   

Rashford down the right, and has a chance to pick out Cavani but instead seems caught in two minds, and hits it at the keeper.


Five head, 8 Ace


51 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0  

De Gea sends Pogba driving forward with a  long throw. He carries the ball, slips it to Fernandes, and he in turn drives forward and crosses. Cavani fluffs the chance.


47 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0 

United look like they intend to win this with skill not trying to match Burnley thump for thump. Lovely bit of play from Cavani now as he spreads the game out wide.


46 mins: Burnley 0 Manchester United 0

We are back under way. 



Nice shot on Sky there of Ole and Sean walking off together having a chat. Sean doing that weird “talking into his hand” thing that football people do. I thought they only did that when there was a deafening crowd? I wouldn’t know. My work rarely takes place to a soundscape of thunderous applause. I know. It is an outrage, you are right.


I feel

completely exhausted after that first half, so goodness knows how the players feel. It was constant aerial bombing, arguing, VAR debates and the rest. There were bits of football too. Enjoyable stuff in its own way.


Half time: Burnley 0 Man United 0

Absolutely intense and slightly deranged first half. Aerial warfare and VAR, a disallowed goal for Spamhead, both sides could have had a man off but both got off on a technicality. 


45+ mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                     

Bruno F booked “for whinging” in the words of Sky’s Gary Neville.


45+ mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                    

Shaw with a good run, tries to smuggle it through to Rashford. Burnley do just enough.

We will have four minutes added.


44 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                   

Martial allowed time and space to measure out his shot and lets fly with a really good hit. Handy save that.


39 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                  

Instead United settle for a corner and Bailly has gone down off the ball. That comes to nothing.

On the physical battle faced by United, Neville says: “We knew this game would be a struggle and for 40 minutes it has been.”


38 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                 

God it is all happening. United reckon they have a penalty but the ball has in fact hit Mee in the… in the face.


37 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0                

Disallowed goal.Really good bit of play from United, they are keeping it well and probing. Nice ball chipped in by Fernandes and Spamhead rises majestically at the back stick to batter in a header. He’s barged Peters in the process of getting the header. Feel for Harry Maguire there. Good honest headed goal I’d call that. Yeah he maybe made a bit of contact but that’s a goal.


Disallowed goal

Oh for god’s sake


33 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0               

That all took plenty of time to sort out. From 4D jurisprudence we return to the more pedestrian matter of football.

It all ends with a Burnley freekick drifting out.


Er right

Well who knows frankly. Ref’s taken back the yellow card he gave Brady, because the game had already been ceased by that Shaw foul, if you know what I mean. Shaw does indeed get booked. He moans.

Neville: “I think both managers should be happy, either of them could have had a players sent off there. The Burnley players were incensed by that Shaw challenge.”



focusing in on the Shaw challenge. Neville: “he could be in trouble Luke Shaw. He puts that leg out. He’s followed through on him” Ref Kevin Friend reviewing that on the monitor.


26 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0              

Luke Shaw goes in with a dangerous tackle on Gudmundsson. But they play on.

Cavani breaks! Robbie Brady hauls him down. Proper chops him down there. Both sides are angry with the other. The Burnley players didn’t like that foul by Shaw.

And the United players in their turn want a red card for that chop on Cavani. Maguire leading the protests.

VAR is working double time on both incidents.

Incidentally, you could throw a blanket over the 20 outfield players. They’re all getting involved in a mass debate.


23 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0             

Matic opens the game up with a lovely slide rule of a pass. Martial controls, he is one-on-one with Lowton. He half beats the man but sends his shot wide.


23 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0            

Ref wants a word with Cavani. Not sure what. Cavani seems angry. He’s putting himself about. Maguire and Pogba come over as a sort of two-man legal defence team.


22 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0           

Poor play from United. Fernandes gives it away, Burnley turn it over an launch a neat attack. Bailly misses his challenge, Wood hits it and to be fair to Bailly he has recovered well to block. But the block sends the ball ballooning, De Gea just stands and watches. Lands safe.


20 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0          

Oooh – Martial! Overhead kick. Does not quite get hold of it.


19 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0         

Absolute howitzer here from Burnley here, De Gea steadies himself like a rugby full back, gathers it and calls for the mark.


17 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0        

Classy move from United, nice movement, and Fernandes takes up an excellent position. Hits the target but a regulation save.


16 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0       

United are getting a foothold in the game, though, by passing the ball around along the floor. Ooooh. Fancy.


13 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0      

Robbie Brady’s had a decent effort from distance. It has been all Burnley so far.


12 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0     

Wan-Bissaka is under bombardment in that left back berth.


10 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0    

Bailly and Maguire standing up manfully so far.


9 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0   

Burnley with a series of aerial diagonal bombs. United’s defenders are gonna need a good soak in the old Matey bubble bath later.


5 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0  

That’s a really good ball in from Burnley, Maguire does well under pressure. Gudmundson and Lowton making good starts to the match.


3 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0 

United, in white strips with black diagonals, playing the ball around at the back.


1 mins: Burnley 0 Man United 0

Burnley kick us off.


I’ll switch to the Burnley match

It’s Burnley vs Man United.


Nearly ready

Players are out on the pitch at Wolves. James and Davies have a little cuddle. 

Fist bumps for Nuno and Carlo. Nuno has taken his face mask off again.


Wolves guys are all in a corridor there

You do sort of wonder why they don’t have a mask in such a confined space. Various hangers on and camp followers are there too, in masks. 

Nuno did his pre match interview to Sky Sports with a mask. Not sure I have seen that before.



How’s it going? Ole looks cheery and relaxed. He says that his players don’t see going top as an incentive. 

“Good to have Edinson back. He has been out for three games. A chance for him to sample proper English football.”


here are the teams

Burnley: Pope, Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Pieters, Gudmundsson, Brownhill, Westwood, Brady, Wood, Barnes. Subs: Cork, McNeil, Stephens, Rodriguez, Norris, Bardsley, Vydra, Long, Benson.

Man Utd: de Gea, Wan Bissaka, Bailly, Maguire, Shaw, Pogba, Matic, Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Martial, Cavani. Subs: Mata, Greenwood, Fred, James, Henderson, Alex Telles, van de Beek, Tuanzebe, McTominay.

Referee: Kevin Friend (Leicestershire)


Good evening! 

And welcome to our live blog of Burnley vs Manchester United, a fixture that kicks off at Turf Moor at 8.15pm. It is on Sky Sports Main Event but you can follow it right here. Things have been looking up for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but he has warned his guys not to get carried away by the fact that they can go top of the League with a win here. And rightly so, you have to say. There is a hell of a long way to go and United still have significant weaknesses.

Still, I quite like Ole even though he was the most teacher’s pet of all of them, bar of course Gurreh, during the Fergie years. Still, here are his sensible words.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer warns Manchester United to stay humble

You get the strong impression that Sean Dyche would have less than zero tolerance for a player or group of players getting ideas above their station. He continues to turn out results at one of the least well-resourced clubs in the Premier League and, even though they might be struggling a bit more than in recent seasons, I am pretty sure that there are at least three teams are worse than Burnley in the Premier League, and while I am sure they wouldn’t mind being a bit higher than their current mark of 16th, I am sure they’d take it if the season ended tomorrow. Which, sadly, is not beyond the R of P.

Enjoyed this story about Burnley being at the front of artificial intelligence in football. Poor Sean Dyche. Just because he looks, and (let’s be honest) dresses like he’s the doorman of a nitespot called Tabuu, people assume that’s he’s not a progressive. 

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